About USPG
U.S. Properties Group was founded to create value and realize through “UpCycling” of shopping center assets by the innovative application of skills in acquisition, development, renovation and management of retail properties throughout the Midwest and Southeast United States.

Strategically, U.S. Properties Group maintains a dominant presence in each market thereby, appealing to our retailers and customers.

U.S. Properties Group owns, manages and develops shopping centers in ten states covering the Midwest and Southeast United States (Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia).

The company is actively seeking single properties and portfolios coast-to-coast in communities where development or redevelopment is desired.

Contact Us

Acquisitions / Dispositions:  To find out more about U.S. Properties Group’s acquisition and disposition program, please contact Gord Wiebe at gwiebe@uspginc.com or (403) 923-4343.

Construction / Property Management:  Inquiries concerning Property Management can be obtained by contacting Sharon Chapman at schapman@uspginc.com or (803) 407-4555.

Leasing / Redevelopment Opportunities:  Information about leasing opportunities throughout – GA, NC, SC, TN, VA can be obtained by contacting Cindy Hicks at chicks@uspginc.com or (803) 407-4555.  Information about leasing opportunities throughout – AL, IL, MI, OH, PA can be obtained by contacting Donn Davids at ddavids@uspginc.com or (614) 472-2935.

Marketing: Inquiries on promotions, advertising, or other marketing related items can be obtained by contacting Cindy Hicks at chicks@uspginc.com or (803) 407-4555.

Human Resources:  To submit a resume or inquire about job opportunities with U.S. Properties Group, please contact Renee’ Roberts at rroberts@uspginc.com or (614) 472-2944.

Financing / Accounting: For information on accounting matters including receivables, payables and finance information, please contact Rebecca Bower at rbower@uspginc.com or (614) 472-2955 or Darin Hobson at dhobson@uspginc.com or (614) 472-2938.

Legal: Information regarding tenant leases and other legal inquiries, please contact our Staff Attorney, Rachel Spitzen at rspitzen@uspginc.com  or (614) 472-2932.

General Inquiries – For general inquiries or topics not mentioned above, please contact Kristen Zimmer at kzimmer@uspginc.com  or (614) 472-2951.


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