Fee Management
USPG performs fee services for third-party owners in the areas of property acquisition, management, leasing and construction services in its area of expertise.  USPG is a fully integrated service providing in-house leasing, property management, accounting, finance review, acquisition and construction. 

USPG's accounting and finance department produces custom made reports to suit each client's needs.  Comprehensive monthly reporting includes all aspects of its various disciplines and brings ownership expertise to review each property's performance and prospects bi-weekly.

USPG's Leasing and Acquisition team combine market intelligence and due diligence review with on the ground expertise throughout the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest U.S. for its third-party clients.

Please contact Mr. Donn Davids, ddavids@uspginc.com, or Ms. Cindy Hicks, chicks@uspginc.com, for any information you may require on our third-party fee management services and we will custom tailor something for you.